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> Nutrition > Allenati e alimentati con i cicli naturali
Allenati e alimentati con i cicli naturali

Allenati e alimentati con i cicli naturali

"Train and nourish your body through the biological rhythms"

Pubblicato: 04-2005
ISBN: 8887162603
Codice: 6205
Pagine: 192
Formato: cm. 15 x 21 cm
Peso: 0.3 Kg
Prezzo: 14,50 € VAT included
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Language: Italian


Combining the insights and practical experiences of athletes and trainers with the evolutionary history of man and his biology, this book sets out to rationalize the phenomena underlying the most despised and persuasive dream: muscle mass and strength out of the norm.

The author skillfully analyzes and exposes with equal proficiency the rediscovery of natural rhythms, the fruit of two and a half million years of evolution of the "homo" species. He illustrates the rhythms that restore perfect balance in our entire organism giving us well-being, health, an efficient third age, lived with fullness, and a prospect of a far greater duration of existence than we are accustomed to thinking.

Miracles? Not at all, simply the regaining of our truest characteristics.

The book turns out to be a highly scientific study from its foundations and utterances and, above all, perfectly concretized in the field; soiced up, however, with something that is not scientific, but appears so exquisitely human that it enriches the work, making it unique: a lifelong love for the exercise of mass and power and for its wonderful adherents.