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> Foreign rights > Manuale pratico di integrazione alimentare
Manuale pratico di integrazione alimentare

Manuale pratico di integrazione alimentare

Pubblicato: 03-2015
ISBN: 9788898574216
Codice: 8015
Pagine: 288
Formato: 16,5 x 23,5 cm
Peso: 0.6 Kg
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Practical Handbook of Food Integration

This manual is the most complete guide on food supplements, from the most popular and used varieties to the less well known, which have hit the headlines only recently. Alexander Bertuccioli and Marco Neri worked closely together to create a unique practical and theoretical guide on food supplements. The book is written in a clear and accurate way, thus making it ideal for a wide audience, from the community of dietary supplements experts and professionals to those who want to know more about this topic. The book consists of three parts. It opens with a description of the food and nutrient molecules and is enriched by an in-depth analysis of the properties and efficiency of the active ingredients. It is followed by a detailed analysis of the main food supplements and their purposes and characteristics. The manual ends with a compendium and analysis of the main sports activities, where the most useful food supplements for every sport are recommended. The book is enriched by an extremely detailed bibliography, the real strong point of the guide.

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