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> Foreign rights > Nuoto. Teoria e pratica dell'allenamento
Nuoto. Teoria e pratica dell'allenamento

Nuoto. Teoria e pratica dell'allenamento

Pubblicato: 03-2015
ISBN: 9788898574155
Codice: 5215
Pagine: 144
Formato: 17x24 cm
Peso: 0.4 Kg
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Theory and practice of training

This book represents the first and most complete guide to swimming, the new frontier for those who want to improve their technique and performance getting the most out of their training. This manual consists of eight chapters, each one focused on different training aspects and activities: physiology of physical activity, theory of training, swimming biomechanics and techniques, suggestions on how to train both young and professional athletes, functional evaluation tests and research material on nutrition and food integration. Furthermore, it offers an in-depth analysis on the phenomenon of Masters swimming in Italy, which is also spreading worldwide nowadays. The book is enriched by contributions of the greatest Italian swimming experts and is written in a simple and innovative language, thus making it ideal for a wide audience:

  • trainers and technicians, to prevent their athletes from injuries and diversify their training programmes;
  • young and professional athletes, to improve their technique and enhance their performance;
  • fans and families, to know more about this amazing discipline.

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