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Allenamento funzionale. Manuale scientifico

Allenamento funzionale. Manuale scientifico

Pubblicato: 02-2015
ISBN: 9788898574223
Codice: 6015
Pagine: 480
Formato: 19,3 x 25,5 cm
Peso: 1.8 Kg
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Functional Training. Scientific manual

Functional training like you’ve never seen or tried before!

Shake up your health and your athletic performance in an amusing and easy training that will soon become a proper new lifestyle.

This manual is divided into three parts:

  • the first part develops a theoretical approach, explaining the ‘why’ questions that lay the foundations of functional training;
  • the second is a practical section containing both bodyweight exercises and exercises performed with the aid of different tools (e.g. sandbag, medicine ball, kettlebell);
  • the last section offers several training programs specific for strength, hypertrophy and weight loss.
  • Welcome to the functional revolution! Get your focus and follow it!

    The Author

    Guido Bruscia is one of the most requested Master Trainers in Italy and abroad, a specialist in Functional, Fitvibe and Kettlebell training.

    Apart from his role as technical manager at the Functional Training School, he also teaches in several training centers for fitness and body building and works as a personal and sports trainer.

    Author of several successful books, he currently lives in Rimini, Italy, where he founded Personal Care, an innovative method for personal training that revolutionized the idea of training for his students and future personal trainers.