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Kettlebell training

Kettlebell training

Pubblicato: 09-2015
ISBN: 9788898574124
Codice: 6115
Pagine: 224
Formato: 19,3 x 25,4 cm
Peso: 0.9 Kg
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Kettlebell training

Full colour insides

This book represents the first and most complete guide to kettlebell training, the new frontier for those who want to improve their technique and performance getting the most out of their training. This manual consists of seven chapters, each one focused on different training aspects and activities. The consists of a brief introduction to kettlebell training. In this chapter the author clearly explains the functions and benefits of kettlebell. The second part illustrates the basics and preparatory exercises; the third part is dedicated to the basic exercises with one kettlebell and the fourth focuses on the advanced exercises with two kettlebells. The fifth and the sixth chapters draw the attention on the unconventional exercises with one and two kettlebells for athletic training and specific sports. The book ends with a series of training programs specifically devised to create a customized and personal training plan. Furthermore, at the end of each chapter there are some training plans with a proper exercise selection. The book is enriched by muscle anatomical charts on the muscles and chains involved in the manual and by an alphabetical list of the exercises, thus making it an indispensable guide for all those who want to have both a theoretical and practical approach on kettlebell training. The manual is written in a simple and direct language, therefore it is ideal for a wide audience, which goes from beginners and advanced athletes to trainers and technicians.

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